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The mission of MNSalesTraining is to improve and stimulate small businesses by providing Entrepreneurial Training. MNSalesTraining is a veteran-owned small business and its primary focus will be providing professional interviewing and negotiating skills with emphasis on “selling yourself” aimed at finding suitable employment for Minnesota’s returning soldiers from active duty and all unemployed veterans throughout the state.

Veteran’s already have a head start in sales since they are comfortable “doing what other people refuse to do” and historically most do well in sales. Matching these assets up with Minnesota’s Small Businesses wanting to grow will be a Win-Win for the 68,000 small businesses registered with the Secretary of State’s Office.

We will be seeking financial supporters for the Entrepreneurial Training Initiative. In exchange for their financial support, we will open its doors to the member companies to send their sales and customer service personnel to all on-going professional sales training and motivation seminars. Member companies may also request an exclusive training session (once per quarter) to be conducted at their location and send as many employees as they wish to the in-house seminar. The Minnesota Entrepreneurial Training Initiative is designed to offer a Win-Win for all parties involved.

Contact today at 612-868-1171 to find out more about how to benefit both your company and our veterans, or browse our website for more information regarding Larry Josephs, our veteran sale skills trainer and speaker.

“The future of our Armed Services and the future of this country will be integrally linked with how we take care of our Veterans.”  - George Washington
~ Courtesy – Larry Josephs, U.S. Army First Sergeant (ret.) 

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