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Larry Josephs is an international speaker who has inspired thousands of sales people, management and employees to higher levels of productivity. Since 1973, he has made a career out of sales and motivation seminars. He has guided many entrepreneurs and Vetrepreneurs as they launched their personal businesses and Veteran-Owned Small Businesses, instructing them on establishing a business and marketing plan of action to follow for their personal success.

As a keynote speaker and seminar leader on sales and motivation, Larry has inspired his listeners to a more successful life. Larry is a retired United States Army First Sergeant; Master Trainer for the U. S. Army Recruiting & Retention Command; former member of the National Speakers Association and the International Platform Association. As a professional trainer, Larry has developed sales training, customer service, telemarketing, recruiting, retention, change management, TQM, OSHA Standards: Safety-in-the-Workplace, EEOC Standards: Sexual Harassment training, Management & Supervision and employee training programs for many corporations, as well as many small to medium sized companies throughout the United States.


Larry Josephs, President / Seminar Leader 
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Tel: 612.868.1171 
Email: ljosephs@mnsalestraining.com

Seminar Pricing

Consider the cost of sending just one sales person to a nationally recognized  seminar and the cost will range from $900.00 to $1,895.00 (EX: Dale Carnegie) per person. Now you can train as many of your employee's "on-site" for a FLAT FEE of $2,000.00.  We meet with your staff, design the training Power Point and all supporting materials. Masters of all documents are then forwarded to your staff for duplication. Power Point is provided as well for printing and installing on training room laptop overhead. At the conclusion of the seminar, you are free to email the PPT and training materials out to all attendee's and they are free to call Larry Josephs with training-related questions.  If the facility is located within 50 miles of the Greater Minneapolis/Saint Paul Metro Area, no travel expenses will be added to the flat fee arrangement. For customized seminar or workshop questions, please call Larry Josephs at 612-868-1171.

Professional Sales Seminar

Course Outline

1. Professional Selling Principles

2. Three Types of Communication
3. Law of Psychological Reciprocity
4. Listening & Speaking
5. Building Relationships
6. Secrets of Closing (Buying Signals)
7. Understanding Egocentric Predicament
8. Overcoming Stalls and Objections
9. Understanding Telephone Skills
10. Developing Your Opening Lines
11. Interest-gaining Techniques
12. Writing Your own Telephone Script
13. A Real Understanding of Motivation
14. Goal Setting…Setting Laser Clear Goals
15. Developing your 12 Month Plan 

Management Seminar

Course Outline

1. Management Styles
2. Elements of Working Together
3. Three Types of Management Skills
4. Three Types of Motivation
5. Motivating a Team to Performance
6. Measurable Job Descriptions
7. Developing Incentive Tools
8. Conducting Quarterly Reviews
9. Leadership Motivation
10. Developing a Retention Program
11. Partnering & Mentoring for New Hires
12. Management Evaluation by Employees

Motivation Seminar

Course Outline

1. A Real Understanding of Motivation
2. Three Types of Motivation
3. Three Types of People Skills
4. The Problem with Employees Today
5. Differences Between Fear & Reward
6. Succeeding in a Negative Society
7. Developing Internal Motivation
8. Changing Habits, Attitudes and Beliefs
9. Understanding Satisfiers & Dissatisfiers
10. Developing Your Own Program

Goal Setting

1. The Power of Goal Setting
2. Three Types of Goals
3. Developing Laser-Clear Goals
4. Difference Between Goals & Objectives
5. Overcoming Obstacles to Success
6. Goal Achieving or Tension Relieving?
7. What Are Your Short-Range Goals?
8. Working from the Future Backwards
9. Crystallizing Your Personal Goals
10. Holding Yourself Accountable
11. Modifying Your Goals & Career Path